Digital Marketing For Music

Digital Marketing as a musician is tough. Everyday there are a 100 must-do’s and hardly enough hours to get them done, right? Promoting your latest songs. Networking for new gigs. Fighting for the attention of fresh fans. Exhausting? You bet.

And if you’re laser-focused on building up your presence on platforms like SoundCloud, you will definitely want to consider expanding out onto other social media platforms.

Make no mistake: social media isn’t some sort of silver bullet for musicians with stars in their eyes.

However, a smart social presence is undoubtedly the best way to grow your audience and fill space at your gigs.

To begin, consider that your audience is likely glued to social media regardless of your genre. In fact, Instagram recently passed a billion active users while Facebook boasts two billion daily active users themselves. These numbers blow the likes of SoundCloud out of the water.

Also did you know that YouTube is technically the most popular music streaming service right now, beating out Spotify and Apple Music? Making sure you’re set with how to promote your music on YouTube can help ensure you’ve got visibility on the best channels.

Besides, an optimized social presence can signal your status as a professional. In an industry where competition is so cutthroat, having pristine profiles out there lets people know that you’re anything but an amateur. That said, social media for musicians can be a bit of a maze at times. With so many social media platforms to choose from and a need to stand out from the crowd, where should you focus your energy? What should you post? Where should you even start?

Relax. That is where Social Media Rocks has you covered. Just a couple of the ways we can help are:

  • Optimizing your social media profiles.
  • Producing relevant industry related up to date content for your social media feeds as well as websites and blogs.

You shouldn’t worry about doing too much self-promotion given that’s what social media marketing for musicians is all about.
As such, there’s no need to be shy about whatever is new in your world.

New song or album? New DJ set booked? New gig?
Let’s let everyone know about it!

If you are considering how to promote your music on Instagram – it can be challenging thanks to things like ever changing algorithms and how fast social media moves in the first place, but frequent hype posts are totally fair game.

Oh, and bear in mind that social selling is totally fair game for musicians. Through creative promotions and sales, you can hawk your merch via social with no shame.

If you’re regularly touring or playing shows and not sure how to promote your music on Facebook efficiently, shouting out attendees and posting pictures of your performances is a good start.

A huge piece of social media marketing for musicians is authenticity.

Rather than just post promo after promo, it also pays to connect to your followers on a more personal level.

A low-hanging way to do just that is to post content that takes your followers behind the scenes, which is ideal to show off your personality to your followers and connect with them on a more intimate level.

Bear in mind you will need to post with regular consistency to stay relevant to your fans and followers.

This is where we at Social Media Rocks can help. We can schedule content for all your platforms, so you can focus on the music and let us take care of promoting your image and profile online.

When you do not have the time to Interact with your fans, due to busy schedules that’s where our unique reputation and brand management service comes into play.

Responding and retweeting shows that you’re listening to them. While it might not be a big deal to you, shout-outs can make fans feel positively starstruck and encourage them to be even more loyal followers in the long-run.

We can also help make YouTube a top priority for you. While you might not think of YouTube as a traditional social network, the platform’s insanely active community tells an entirely different story. YouTube is the number one place where people stream music versus Spotify, Pandora and a whole slew of other services combined.

The Internet has made music infinitely more widely accessible than it was 20 years ago. People aren’t even buying music in stores anymore. Most people are purchasing digital downloads online or streaming it directly using Spotify or YouTube.

It no longer requires tens of thousands of dollars to produce an album.

Independent artist can produce their own recordings on their laptops. And in turn, that’s made booking studio time more affordable than ever.

The days of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote new artists are over. While that’s still common practice for major labels, it’s not at all necessary for the average musician.

We will help you to get more exposure, sell your music online via digital distribution on platforms like Spotify and Apple, and grow your fanbase via digital marketing platforms. Digital Distribution is the process of managing and transferring your work in digital form to platforms that make the music more widely available to the consumer via downloads and streaming.

Helping independent artists, like yourself, have success in the music industry is something we are very passionate about. Our world is evolving, and the advent of the Internet has made it so people all over the world can connect with one another with in- credible ease. For musicians, this means that you can easily connect with people that will love and appreciate your music.

As brand strategists, we work with artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and big brands. We’ll help you develop a strategy and vision for your brand, then successfully plan campaigns and tell integrated stories that will make your brand recognizable in a crowded market.

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